Watch Viral Video Of Young Lagos Boy Begging To Learn ‘Yahoo Yahoo’

Have you ever heard about yahoo boys? Yahoo boys are named so after one of the hugest Internet companies on the planet – Yahoo!, because many scammers often use its free e-mail accounts to commit their crimes. Instead of getting a legal job, many young people in Nigeria dream of becoming a yahoo boy.

This young Lagos boy (pictured above) wants to help his parents out of poverty. Unfortunately he believes Yahoo Yahoo is the only way out.

He had approached the lady who shared his story on Instagram to teach him yahoo. IG user BM_Mundo shared the story and said:

“This young boy thinks yahoo is the only way to survive, somebody help!
Wonders shall never end o. What’s happening in this country? So this young boy came into my studio today and told my girl he’s looking for someone to teach him yahoo. He met her outside and she told him ‘not here’.

I now asked her who was that and what he wanted, she told me and I told her to go an call him back for me.

Children of now needs reorientation mehn.
Here is our conversation. Please watch, listen and forward.”

Video Below;


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