Why your Pastor is rich but you are broke! Don’t Read

  1. I just can’t stop laughing. Come to think of it, who gives the title of a post,Why My Pastor Own A Private Jet But I Am Broke?

My friend will you turn off that music and pay attention. I am talking to you who wants to close the page. Yeah, this young man is stupid, but I heard Bobrisky will be charging 10k as from next month just to view his snap. Imagine! Bobrisky of all human😒😑. I want to show you what my Pastor discovered that you don’t know. Well, before you criticize me, Bob it’s risky to do that. Let me tell you a short story.


Years ago, I was an usher in one of the leading church. World people will focus on the was– So, he had backslid. Okay, if I wanted to argue with you on that I would have greeted the moderator and impartial judges. Back to the gossip, on that faithful day, our Papa as we fondly call him was to travel to the US to minister. Being an elegant, tall, and well-dressed dude, my name came up for the protocol crew. On that day, your beloved brother was dressed to the nines😃😄. My trouser gaiter would give a brand new knife a competition. We were to join the Pastor’s entourage to the airport. The entourage was made up of Range Rovers, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, and Rolls Royce Phantom. As we got to the Airport, the airport staff were all receptive with the chants of My Father, My Mentor, My Life Coach renting the air. You could literally feel the respect and reverence. We were directed straight to the private wing. Lo and behold, brothers and sister, I came face to face to a Challenger Jet which cost around 30 million dollars. After, a short prayer for us the humble sheep, our Papa ascended into the Jet like Jesus ascended to heaven. After returning us back to church, the look on our head protocol office was like O.Y.O. As I got home, I began to reminisce about the day’s activities. Then the question struck me😏, What does my pastor know that created such a wealth and affluence for him? I will share what my Pastor knew that I didn’t know.🙏😝

·         My Pastor discovered a Product:

Please don’t shoot me for referring to the anointing as a product or the church as a business. Well, it a holy business though😁. So, my pastor studied the world and saw that he had a product to offer. He had a healing, teaching, and deliverance product to provide the ready market. I want you reading this post to understand, you can never change your fortune if you do not discover a unique product to offer the world. “The fastest way to make money is to solve a problem. The bigger the problem you solve, the more money you make.” — Steve Siebold. This was what my Pastor discovered, and he decided to address. If you are not solving any world problem, then you have no business being at the wealth table.

·         My Pastor worked on himself:

 I had an experience one time in Lagos. I was in a barbershop waiting to get a haircut. Suddenly, this man walked in, looking shabbily dressed with a bible begging for substitution. You know what, he was inviting for a yearly prosperity conference. I in my playful nature asked the young man, how many time have you attended this program and he replied boldly, this should be my 7th year attending this power-packed program. I know what you all are thinking. But it changed my perception of the power that is packed in the program. Why was I blabbing, you can’t expect someone to purchase your product when you refused to work on it. Nobody is ready to part with their hard earned money for a cheap standard product except you have support from an old woman in Ijebu Ode. Work on your product. Create a brand, Repackage your product just like my Pastor repackage his preaching, dressing, oral communication, and church building.

·         My Pastor Identified the People that needed his Service:

You can’t be going around the whole place offering your product to people who don’t need it. You can’t be offering game consoles to a girls school. It won’t sell at all. Or you open a shop where your primary product is beauty products to an area filled with men. You will sell the shop to feed. My Pastor studied the demography of the country. He targeted the youth, business minded, and spiritually oppressed people. Presently, in Nigeria, if you need deliverance and firefighter prayer you will head to MFM. You can go to Deeper Life and expect to hear prayers like O God My Father, Kill my Enemies. You go to a place where you can get a service that offers what you seek  Always learn to discover the people that need your service.

·         My Pastor was never scared of Bad Publicity:

Yes, people will definitely say negative things about you, but there is nothing like bad publicity. I will use the case of Apostle Johnson Suleiman as an example. As at last year December, most people in Nigeria haven’t heard of him not to mention Omega Fire Ministries. But after the sex scandal, his congregation tripled so also the church revenue tripled. Always, learn to use negative comments, publicity to your advantage. A real business man is one that turns a lemon into lemonade. You need to find out the opportunity lying within that negative publicity. It’s not every negative comment that needs reply. Just like Bobrisky turn every negative comment, negative publicity to your goldmine. I for one never knew about Bobrisky until I heard some ladies talk negatively about him. Never you let bad publicity make you lose focus. When they arise, you should be aware it’s time to turn off whatever advertisement you are paying for. Now, you have people doing your advertisement for free.


By Elijah Agor


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