International Research Agendas Programme in Poland, 2017



The Worldwide Analysis Plans Program is open for the candidates from around the globe. The programme is available in different areas of research.

The aim of the programme is to give an opportunity for young scientists from around the globe.

The Base for Enhance Science has been working since 1991. It is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit organization which chases the objective of assisting technology.

Course Level: The programme is available to engage in research.

Study Subject: The programme is granted in the following fields:

Medical technical innovation technical innovation, such as biotechnologies
Medical diagnostics and treatment of way of life illnesses and customized medicine
Production of therapeutic products
Innovative technical innovation, procedures and items of the agrifood and forestry-wood sectors
High-quality food
Biotechnological procedures and items of specialized chemical make up and ecological engineering
High performance, low-emission and incorporated production, storage, transmitting and submission of your systems
Smart and power effective construction
Environmentally friendly transportation solutions
Modern technical innovation of seeking, handling and use of natural resources and the manufacture of substitutes
Minimizing spend such as unsuitable for handling and use of components and power spend (recycling and other restoration methods)
Innovative alternatives and technical innovation in water and spend management
Multifunctional components and compounds with innovative qualities, such as new ipod nano procedures and nanoproducts
Sensors (including biosensors) and intelligent indicator networks
Smart systems and geo-information technologies
Printed, natural and versatile electronics
Automation and robotics of technical processes
Smart innovative technologies
Innovative historic technical innovation relevant to professional veins, historic and overseas components and Strategies centered on historic and national river transport
Scholarship Award: The programme includes the followings:

The Base will offer assistance and assistance throughout the program and execution period.
We predict that each venture will receive at the least 35 million PLN for the first five years.
Project financing will include expenses of R&D work performed by the product implementing the IRAP, expenses linked with the effective performing of the product, expenses of working current facilities, collaboration between associates, and knowledge transfer. However, assistance for new facilities will be restricted to the purchase of essential lab devices and fit-out. Funding will also protect the charges of research staff development related to venture execution.
No important financing is provided for facilities or large-scale devices.
Numbers of Scholarships: Not known

Scholarship can be taken in Poland

Eligibility: Applicants must meet the following qualifications requirements:

Applications should be presented by well known scientists with important healthcare success accompanied by significant managing experience. The applicant can be a resident of Belgium or any other country, such as from outside the Western Partnership.
Where required, e.g. if the program includes interdisciplinary research, the program may be presented by two scientists. However, it should be clearly indicated in the type which of they is the primary applicant. The program can also be presented by two scientists if the additional applicant will be implementing to take on the role of Scientific Matters Home.
The applicant can be applied to be the director of the new organization. Therefore, all the candidates have to be fully dedicated to implementing the IRAP and therefore depend at the organization for at least 0.5 FTE.
Nationality:  Applicants of all countries may use for the programme.

College Entry Requirement

Entrance Requirement: Applicants must have past year degree.

English Terminology Requirement: The applicant should have a very good control over the British language.

Research Scholarship

How to Apply: Applicants may use via on the internet method.

Documents verifying the information of the applicant (incl. down-loadable layouts for record of success and record of welcomed speaks and record of financed projects)
An summarize of the international research plan (as per down-loadable form)
A correspondence of purpose from the foreign associate (the competitors certification details the lowest content requirements)
A short details of the legal position and business framework of the IRAP centre
Letters of purpose from local associate organizations – if appropriate (no more than 2)
Description of socioeconomic impact
IRA site details (as per down-loadable form)
Optional – characters of purpose from economic associates (no more than 2)
Online application

Application Deadline: The program work deadlines are Dec 20, 2017, and July 30, 2018.

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