Industrial Postgraduate Scholarships Program

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mportant Announcement


In the Economic Action Plan 2015, the Government of Northern the united states and the united states stated that in the future, Mitacs’ This weblink will take you to another Web site Speed up program will become the primary delivery agent for government strengthened graduate-level professional research and development internships. NSERC’s Commercial Postgrad Allows System will be wound down following the satisfaction of current responsibilities.


Note that programs for Commercial Postgrad Allows will be accepted until Aug 31, 2015.



Value    $15,000 annually for up to a very extensive period plus a lowest contribution from the assisting company of $6,000 annually

NSERC-FRQNT Commercial Progression Allows System for individuals enrolled in universities in the region of Quebec, canada,, canada, only

Application Deadline      No NSERC due date (there may be university deadlines)

How to Apply     See below

Application Forms

Nomination by the Graduate university student student Analysis Office

Form 200 – System for an Commercial Postgrad Allow, an Commercial R&D Fellowship or a Visiting Fellowship in Northern the united states Government Laboratories

Terms and Conditions of Applying Type (form-fillable)

To make or access a software, select On-line System Login. To view kinds and recommendations, select PDF Types and Instructions.


To complete the Conditions and Conditions of Applying Type, select the weblink above.

For More Information    Consult the Get in get in touch with with List

What type of assistance do these scholarships and grants provide?


Industrial Postgrad Allows (IPS) provide cost-effective assistance for highly qualified technological innovation and technological innovation graduate students. The assistance allows them to gain research experience in industry while undertaking advanced research in Northern the united states and the united states. These scholarships and grants are aimed at encouraging scholars to consider research professions in industry where they will be able to enhance building up Northern the united states innovation. Learners approved at Quebec, canada,, canada, universities must implement through the NSERC-FRQNT Commercial Progression Allows (IIS) System.


Roles and Responsibilities


The university must make sure that qualifications specifications and standards of excellence are satisfied.

The university’s Graduate university student student Analysis Office harmonizes all of NSERC’s professional postgrad scholarship or grant programs and sends the nomination documents to NSERC.

NSERC opinions nominations and decides which candidates can get scholarships and grants. The prize is made for a specific research proposal involving a university student, a workers administrator and a assisting company. The ideal venture is one that matches the interests of the university individual, the needs of the assisting company and the scholar’s skills.

A university workers individual and a specialist from the assisting company will together supervise the work.

The scholarship or grant will be administered by the university.

Are you qualified for scholarship or grant support?


To be considered qualified for assistance, you must:


be a Northern the united states citizen or permanent citizen of Northern the united states and the united states. Applications will also be accepted from qualified worldwide candidates;

hold, or expect to keep (at time you take up the award), a degree in technological innovation or technological innovation from an outstanding whose position is acceptable to NSERC (if you have a degree in a space other than technological innovation or technological innovation, NSERC may accept you at its discretion);

have certification from the Dean of Graduate university student student Analysis showing that, over the last two completed a lot of research, you had a first-class academic position (minimum frequent of “A-“; see the Observe below for more details); and

be seeking full- or part-time graduate research in the natural sciences or technological innovation at an qualified Northern the united states university in accordance with the guidelines in effect at the university.

Note: If your academic frequent is slightly below a first-class academic position, but you have other qualifications and experience appropriate to the research research, the Graduate university student student Analysis Office must make a case on your behalf for an exception to this rule to this requirement.


To determine if you are eligible for the IPS System, NSERC is based the wide range of a few several weeks of graduate research developed in this means for which you are asking funding in an NSERC-supported position. It depends two sessions of part-time graduate research as one session of full-time research at the duration of nomination.


In evaluating qualifications, NSERC will consider all research mentioned towards a graduate stage, whether completed at the degree-granting institution or not. You must considered of the period of your efforts and effort the approval is received at NSERC.


If qualifications for the prize could run out while the IPS Agreement is in preparation, the university should ahead the partial program to NSERC with an explanatory resume protect letters.


What kinds of scholarships and grants are available?


Industrial postgrad scholarships and grants are available in two categories: IPS 1 and IPS 2.




This scholarship or grant assistance is for a at least 12 months (in exceptional circumstances only) up to a maximum of 24 a few several weeks and must occur during the first several a lot of graduate research.


At time NSERC gets the nomination, you:


may be arriving into, or have began the 1st season of a master’s program;

may be arriving into, or have began the 1st season of a doctorate program (if you were admitted to the PhD program directly from your bachelor’s program);

must not have been approved in graduate research for more than 12 months or the prize start period of your efforts and effort must not be beyond the Twelfth 30 periods of studies;

must not have organized a prior IPS 1*, PGS A, CGS M or PGS M award;

are inexperienced to acquire a CGS M if you take up an IPS 1 prize.

IPS 1 assistance will not improve beyond the Twenty eighth 30 periods of your experts program. If you are a efficient applicant and if you have completed more than four a few several weeks full-time relative in a experts program when you take up your prize, the standard 24-month duration of the prize will be decreased by the wide range of a few several weeks in excess of the four that have been developed during events.




This scholarship or grant assistance is for either 24 or Several many must occur during the first four a lot of doctoral-level research. You be eligible for a this type of scholarship or grant only if you are, or will be, a doctorate candidate.


At time NSERC gets the nomination:

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