Scholarships for 33rd Cycle of PhD in Physics at The University of Trento in Italy, 2018

The University of Trento is inviting applications for the 33rd cycle of PhD Scholarships Program in Physics for Academic Year 2017-2018 – Jointly continue running with the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN). Italian, and remote understudies, are fit the bill to apply for this allow program.


The University of Trento is an Italian school arranged in Trento and neighboring Rovereto. It has had the ability to finish broad results in didactics, research, and all inclusive relations as demonstrated by CENSIS and the Italian Ministry of Education.


The program is driven absolutely in English. An overall validation taking the stand concerning the candidate’s data of English at the C1 level or higher in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is a key need for affirmation. Remote understudies are asked to obtain a working data of the Italian tongue. Competitors may have their TOEFL lingo test comes to fruition direct sent to the School. You should observe that the TOEFL Code Control of the School of International Studies is 6286.


Course Level: Scholarships are available to look for after PhD


FIS/01 Experimental Physics


FIS/02 Theoretical Physics, logical systems, and models


FIS/03 Physics of Matter


FIS/04 Nuclear and Sub nuclear Physics


FIS/05 Astronomy and Astrophysics


FIS/07 Applied Physics (for the earth, science, medicine and social inheritance)


FIS/08 Teaching and History of Physics CHIM/03 General and Inorganic Chemistry


Give Award: The PhD associations have a length of 3 years and a gross pay of 13638.47 EUR consistently (around 1000 EUR consistently after obligations)


Number of Scholarships: Up to 14 stipends are available.


Give can be taken in Italy


Capability: The going with criteria must be met with the ultimate objective for possibility to be fit the bill for the allow:


  1. i) Applications for doctoral positions are recognized from hopefuls, paying little notice to sexual introduction, age and nationality, who hold:


  1. an) An Italian “Laurea Magistrale”, according to the Ministerial Decree no. 270 of 22.10.2004 and coming about modifications, or


  1. b) A practically identical Italian higher education (past headings in drive, “specialistica”, AFAM), or


  1. c) A practically identical outside degree (Master’s degree) gotten at a formally perceived academic establishment, generous for admission to PhD considers in the Country of issue and near (traverse and level1 ) to the Italian degree, saw as proportionate by the Admissions Committee for the sole purpose behind access to the present PhD Any degree in a consistent area will be given specific status.


  1. ii) Applications are in like manner recognized from understudies wanting to obtain the critical degree by October 31, 2017. Admission to the Doctoral Program for productive applicants who have not graduated yet will be “unexpected” and the competitor should submit to the Doctorate Office Science and Technology (through email to by November 6, 2017, on discipline of shirking, the giving verification or a self-disclosure (see Annex A).


iii) Applicants with an outside capacity that has not been definitively seen as equivalent2 to an Italian degree (Laurea Magistrale/Specialistica/vecchio ordinamento) will be considered as requesting proportionality in their application, associating the fundamental supporting reports. The capability of remote academic degrees is assessed by the Admissions Committee, following the precepts in force or the all inclusive deals on affirmation of educational abilities. The Admissions Committee may require the contender to give additional documentation if respected imperative with the true objective of reviewing the sensibility. The ID summary of employments whose educational abilities have been considered not fit the bill for admission to the assurance will be made available on the site page of the assertion system.


Nationality: Italian, and furthermore outside understudies, are met all requirements to apply for this concede program.


School Admission Requirement


Entry Requirement: Applicants must have graduate degree.


Test Requirement: No


English Language Requirement: The program is coordinated totally in English. An overall support taking the stand concerning the contender’s learning of English at the C1 level or higher in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is a basic need for attestation. Outside understudies are asked to get a working data of the Italian lingo. Hopefuls may have their TOEFL lingo test happens particularly sent to the School. You should observe that the TOEFL Code Control of the School of International Studies is 6286.


Italy PhD Scholarships


Directions to Apply: The strategy for usage is on the web. The University will recognize any additional reports to the submitted application if sent by email to (Subject: “Application ID – Applicant’s Surname and Name – PhD Program in “Material science” – 33rd Cycle – Supplement to application”) inside August 30, 2017. Additional reports introduced by different means will be disregarded.


Perceiving chronicle (ID): • A copy of the hopeful’s significant character card (just EU subjects) or worldwide ID (non-EU inhabitants), particularly of the pages uncovering photograph, singular data, number, place, and date of issue, expiry date and check.


Academic confirmation:


Italian capacity: starting at now gained: a self-declaration, according to Presidential Decree workmanship. 46 no. 445 of 28.12.2000 and coming about amendments, declaring the degree got, “Classe di Laurea” 6 , concede date, issuing University, last grade, examinations taken, assessments and credits obtained (by using Annex A); graduated class of the University of Trento may broadcast the place and the date of respect as the other information will be assembled thus; to be gotten: a self-articulation, according to Presidential Decree craftsmanship. 46 no. 445 of 28.12.2000 and subsequent changes, articulating the possible conceding date, issuing University, last grade, examinations taken, assessments and credits got (by using Annex A); future graduate of the University of Trento may broadcast the place and the foreseen date of allowing as the other information will be accumulated normally;


Outside capacity:


Starting at now obtained: copy of the insightful validation (central for access to doctoral examinations) joined by an once-over of exams with their credits and grades and, if open, the Diploma Supplement8/transcript of records or Declaration of value9 or Rector’s Decree of equivalence10;


To be gained:?


A verification of enrolment with a summary of the examinations successfully passed and checks and credits got in each examination (if this record is not in English, the hopeful must give, in a comparative report, an elucidation of the same appropriately undersigned);


A declaration broadcasting that the understudy will complete his/her degree by October 31, 2016 (including the name of the allowing Institution and the official term of the Master’s program).


Once-over of the Master’s proposition (in Italian or in English) clearing up the clarifications behind the choice of the subject, the examination approach and the results gained.


Instructive modules vitae (in Italian or in English), in a perfect world as showed by the Europass illustrate, evidently speaking to the hopeful’s past association (Bachelors, prizes, experts,… )


Statement of purpose (In Italian or in English, max 2 pages): it is required to show: 1 unmistakably: Your intelligent motivations avoiding non particular clarifications 2. your own motivations and your energy towards ask about all around; 3. the inspiration driving why you have picked Trento with reference to the investigation practices which are carried on there.


Four year school instruction confirmation (or indistinguishable), with an academic transcript of exams and grades, got. For EU subject with a title conceded by an European open association, the photocopy can be substituted by a self-affirmation according to Italian D.P.R. 45/2000.


Application Form


Application Deadline: Scholarship application due date is August 30, 2017.


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